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Beach Arts Music Mentoring in 2019

The group's hard work continued in 2019!

Two board members participated as presenters in the Colonial Beach High School Career Day.

On February 4th they held the first meeting of the High School Music Club which BAMM helped to organize. Arlene McKenzie will be facilitating the club for BAMM. The school has been including information on the meeting in their daily announcements, and there were about ten students in attendance. BAMM supplied pizzas and vitamin waters which they all enjoyed. Group leaders had them introduce themselves and relay what their interests were. Some had extensive music experience, a few were novices, and one had no music experience but was interested in learning. They were a bright engaging group who were all anxious to learn and be more involved in music.

BAMM arranged for a local photographer to go into the Yearbook class at the High School to help the kids with planning, composing, framing and cropping photographs for the yearbook.

BAMM is currently working with the art teacher in the high school on a project in which her students are going to paint mailboxes with various beach themes. The mailboxes are being purchased with the funds given to the school. When these mailboxes are finished, they will be auctioned off at the benefit concert in May.

On Feb 15th at the music club meeting, two local musicians attended and did a program for the kids on bands and playing in public performances.

Arlene is preparing a curriculum to use in teaching the music club students how to read music.

Board members met with the drama club teacher at the High School. BAMM offered to help with costumes and props, stage and set design and building, and promotion. A call went out to the volunteer community to see if anyone had experience with backstage work at a play or musical. The costume and prop list will be published to see if folks might have old clothes or other items they could donate.


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