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Beach Arts Music Mentoring 2018 Accomplishments

In early 2018, they presented each of the schools with funding to be used at the principals’ discretion to benefit the teachers and students.

In April of that year, they helped sponsor the musical put on by the Elementary and Middle School.

Later that spring they set up a table at the Earth Day celebration on Town Hill where volunteers helped the kids with face and rock painting, Terra cotta clay pots were supplied and after painting they were filled with small succulents.

BAMM volunteers manned various booths at the Potomac River Festival in June.

During that summer they took part in numerous activities on Town Hill, assisting kids with rocks, pots, and sand dollars painting as well as face painting. They helped the kids decorate and take home notebooks for use at school, and even had the kids build and paint a whole mini town made of cardboard boxes.

On July 28 they put on the 2nd Annual Tommy Tutone Benefit concert through the combined efforts of over 65 volunteers. BAMM board members voted to donate $2000 of the profits to the Torrey Smith Rec Park.

Volunteers set up an information booth at the Health Fair at the Westmoreland Medical Center in August

Group members attended the Colonial Beach Schools Back-to-School day and had a table at both the Elementary and High Schools where volunteers handed out notebooks and information about the group to both parents and students.

They supported and recruited volunteers to help at the Northern Neck Beach Music Festival which was a rousing success.

Board members delivered three $1,000 checks to the school principals for use in helping teachers with classroom supplies they need or for programs they want to start. The BAMM board has voted to replenish these funds as needed.

At the homecoming football game in October, BAMM had a drawing among high school students for two new tennis rackets as well as being one of the sponsors of the new printed sports programs.

Also in October, they signed a Memorandum of Understanding with 21st Century Community Learning Centers and the Colonial Beach Schools which partnered the two groups together in the afterschool program at the Elementary and Middle Schools. Since then, they have scheduled volunteers to present programs on a variety of topics including:

  • The legend and history of Jack-o-Lanterns including: getting small pumpkins for each of the students, helping them create a design, and letting them paint the pumpkins and take them home.

  • Information on how snowflakes form with patterns that they could use to draw and cut out snowflakes to take home along with snowflake ornaments to enjoy at home.

  • How to create cartoons with small four panel frames for them to think up a story and then draw and color in cartoon-style.

  • A yoga session presentation for the kids in the gym.

  • A session of yoga games for relaxation.

  • Creating a collage about themselves using pictures, articles, and drawings from magazines.

During December and January BAMM and many volunteers worked with Coach Steve Swope on the planning and promoting of the Dinner/Dance with the Fredericksburg Big Band at The Riverboat for the benefit of both BAMM and the Torrey Smith Recreation Park.


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